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nobody chooses to be born into poverty, or with a disability, and who chooses both?

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nobody chooses to be born into poverty, or with a disability, and who chooses both?

yet, it happens daily, all around the globe. whilst many agencies, NGOs and organisations do what they can, along with governments to alleviate the suffering, clearly there is much to do.  governments and NGOs are often corrupt, mismanaged and fail to honour their claims and promises.

what the solution is, iā€™m not qualified to say, but given the money that is raised to assist, it seems much more should be achieved.  recent recession and economic crisis have fuelled nationalist sentiments throughout europe and america, where immigrants are portrayed as economic migrants, simply looking to benefit from established welfare states and social security systems.

would anyone born into these situations not to wonder why they have nothing when so many have so much more. birth, where you are born and with what conditions, is a lottery.

the irony of current sentiment towards immigration is the relatively short-term memory of nations who are failing immigrants and refugees. most of the parent countries are former european colonies, wealthy countries invaded, raped natural resources and used the countries for their own gain.

providing independence was a just and right thing to do. turning your back on impoverished people living under corrupt government with little hope of a better life without risking all to travel to a developed nation is not.

poor communities often still have access to television, with the popularity of football internationally and the kardashians piped into even remote african villages. capital cities, where governments and NGOs are headquartered provide to the wealthy expatriate drinking holes and hotels situated down the road from slums where the boda-boda taxi drivers live whilst witnessing the excess of the western world playing out on their own streets.

kampala, uganda, where this guy was begging on the streets of the capital city is home to huge numbers of evangelical organisations and NGOs, why are they under achieving? the museveni government and parliament are palaced in the city. government jobs are provided on the basis of nepotism. women from poorer families who have managed to get themselves and education in the hope of being able to improve their lives and that of their families are often subject to abuse, rape and intimidation in order to win even the most basic of jobs.

the churches are a sanctuary for millions in africa, supported by NGOs and international ministries, yet for all the poor, hungry and infirm who attend, i have yet to meet a cold or hungry pastor in even the most remote locations.  villagers live in mud huts without electricity, the only solid structure in the area will be the church and clerical accommodation, that the poor have provided all they can to build and support upon the promise of god intervening in their lives if only they pray enough, have enough faith and provide enough for the church.

yet this guy still spends his days on busy shopping streets, too weak even to hold out his hand, just sitting and crawling through the streets in the hope that someone passes and offers food or money.

no one claims life is fair, but it should be fairer than this.