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my way

i grew up shooting nikon FMs, Rolleifelx TLRs and Hasselblads and was fortunate to have a father who could do more in a darkroom than most today with photoshop.  the basics of aperture, shutter speed, iso, lens choice and 8x10 printing captured my imagination early and never left

thanks to others i've met, in life and online, i resurrected my passion for photography after finishing life as a british army officer…it's not always been a pleasant journey, but it's led me to where i am now, seeing the world in terms of how best to capture it in the frame and do justice to subjects be they cityscapes or a portraits

i'm unable to view anything now without pondering the conundrum of how best to shoot it and capture the good in whatever it maybe - sentimental perhaps, but there's enough bad in the world already. i may not be the world's most technically proficient, i keep it simple and apply the fundamentals well, but given a subject or assignment i'll find the photograph that calls to be kept and cherished

black and white photography remains my first love - further sentimentalism perhaps - but its timeless feel, its ability to isolate the subject, strip away the unnecessary and lead the viewers eye to exactly the point you want; that is what i search for daily

colour photography, has crept in over the years - especially for street, travel and landscapes. it's amazing at adding vibrance, detail and a sense of being there, but to achieve that perfect street shot in colour is such a rare experience - like having all the stars aligned for once in your favour by some mystical happenstance.  if i have a handful of street photography 'keepers' in colour before i die, i'll be happy

i'm still using nikons, D800s and a trusty D7000, but have the film FM, Rolleiflex, Kodak Standard and adore the fun of a fujifilm instamax mini - though i have a tendency to lose it after a few too many glasses of wine

lenses are mostly nikkor with a couple of sigma and i'm about to start experimenting with a lensbaby composer pro. hopefully the next purchase will be the updated fujifilm x100s when it's released

in terms of processing, the darkroom remains packed in boxes at the moment. i'm an apple fan, so macbook pros and aperture are my staple, with a wacom tablet and the help of some nik plugins when i'm stuck or i've screwed up the exposure.  i'm allergic to HDR and never learnt to use photoshop, so strive to capture the best images i can inside the camera

i'm preoccupied with the search for the ultimate do all camera bag. traveling so much and the range of photography i enjoy lends itself to giving myself excuses to buy and try many. a lowepro roller case takes everything for the journeys, but on the street i'm torn between my domke, a think tank retro 20 and the wonderful billingham bag i inherited from my father that must be older than my own 36 years

addictions come in many forms and affect lives in many ways, i'm glad to be rid of some, but i'll consider myself ever fortunate that mine for photography remains to be nurtured.